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Publishing to ebay, merge multi value item in a single item

When you publish or verify a product to eBay, sometimes i get error if an item contain multiple values, but ebay need only 1 value. But the problem is that sometimes i need multiple value. For example, if a book is wrote by 2 authors, i need to have 2 value, 1 for each author, […]

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3 votes

WP Lister for AliExpress

AliExpress is growing a lot out of China market so there is a strong number of sellers from west Europe, Russia and Brasil looking for a Woocommere solution to sell on AliExpress . it would of big help whether wplab would be interested in developing this plugin for selling on AliExpress.

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1 vote

Allow user to 'show / hide' Amazon fields

Under the Amazon Field Attributes panel – although there are already options to show only 'required fields' and 'hide empty fields', it would also be really useful to have the option for the user to custom 'show / hide' fields (I know this sounds like we can do this already with the 'preferred' checkbox, but […]

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2 votes

Ability to Suppress Warnings By Warning ID#

We use an image compressor on our wordpress site to enable it to load faster, and have our JPEG compression set to 80, which is unnoticeable for our images. eBay seems to want a quality of 90, so when we submit our images it iffues between 6 and 12 warnings per item uploaded. It woul […]

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4 votes

Allow wp-lister to sell multiple individual items on eBay

I'd like to see the ability to add 3x a woocommerce item as 1 eBay item. So the item on woocommerce would be "Shiny Thing" and the item on eBay would be "3 x Shiny Thing" and would set the price to 3 times the shop price (plus percentage) and keep the stock in sync […]

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