Installation and Setup


Before you install WP-Lister make sure your site meets the following requirements:

  • WordPress 4.x or better
  • WooCommerce 3.x or better
  • PHP 5.6 or better


After you have purchased WP-Lister Pro you will receive an confirmation email which contains your license and a link to download the plugin as a zip file. Download the zip file to your computer. Open your WordPress admin dashboard and click on Plugin » Add New. Then click on the “Upload” tab. Click on “Browse”, select the zip file and click on “Install Now”.


WordPress will install WP-Lister and ask you to activate it. Make sure that you click on “Activate Plugin”:

activate plugin

Well done, you have installed WP-Lister – now you’re ready to continue with the first time setup.

If you are using the free version of WP-Lister for eBay, you need to deactivate the free version before activating WP-Lister Pro – or activating the plugin will fail. Of course, all your settings, listings, profiles and templates will remain unchanged.

First Time Setup

The installation wizard will guide you through the following steps which are required to start listing products on eBay:

  1. Connect WP-Lister to your eBay account
  2. Update site specific eBay data like categories, shipping methods and payment options
  3. Create a Listing Template
  4. Create your first Listing Profile

After you uploaded and activated WP-Lister, you will see a message at the top of each WP-Lister page, which tells you go to Settings and connect WP-Lister with your eBay account. Click on “Settings” to start the setup process.

click settings link to get started

1. Connect your eBay account

Visit WP-Lister » Settings where you will see detailed instructions on how to connect WP-Lister to your eBay account:

  1. Select the eBay site you want to list your item on
  2. Click “Connect with eBay” to sign in to eBay and grant access for WP-Lister

ebay authorization step 1 and 2

When you click on “Connect with eBay”, the eBay login form will open in a new browser tab. Enter your eBay user ID and password:


After you log in to the eBay account you wish to use with WP-Lister, you will be asked to grant access to the application:


Click “I agree” and you should see a message that you have granted access for WP-Lister.

Next click on “close this tab” – or close the browser tab manually:


Now you should be back on WP-Lister’s settings page, where you need to click on “Fetch eBay Token”:

eBay authorization step 3

Great, you have now successfully connected WP-Lister to your eBay account.

2. Update eBay details

Now WP-Lister needs to fetch categories, shipping methods, payment options and other site specific data from the eBay site you selected.

Click on “Update eBay details” to start the process:

update eBay details

It might take a few minutes to finish the download.

loading data from eBay

Click “Save settings” .

save settings for updating site specific eBay data

Very good! Now WP-Lister knows everything it needs to know when we’re going to create a listing profile in step 4. But before we can do that, we need to create a listing template first.

3. Create a Listing Template

To create your first listing template click on “New Template”:

step 3 wp-lister setup default template

Enter a short name and optionally a description for your new template:

template settings

Replace the default text with your information about shipping and payment using the WYSIWYG editor – or just remove any sections you don’t need:

wysiwyg editor

Customize the template options like colors, border radius or whether to show the hotline box in the sidebar:

template options

In the help box you can find all available shortcodes that can be used in listing templates.


Click “Save template” when you’re done.

save changes for the new listing template

Great! You have created your first listing template and are almost done with the first time setup – only one step left:

4. Create a first Listing Profile

Now take a deep breath and click on “New Profile”, which will take you to one of the most important and most complex pages within WP-Lister – the profile editor.

listing profile

Each profile option features its own inline documentation in form of tooltips. Move your mouse over the little help symbol next to an option and you’ll see a detailed explanation for that option.


These tooltips will guide you while you customize your profile. But don’t be overwhelmed by the great number of profile options – you don’t need to understand each and every option to create your first profile. And once you created a profile that works for you, you can easily duplicate it in the future.

These options are required for each profile:

  • listing duration
  • dispatch time (handling time)
  • location settings (city, country and currency)
  • at least one shipping option
  • at least one payment method
  • a listing template

Leave the other options on default for now and click “Save Profile” when you’re done.

save profile

Please make sure you have enabled stock management in WooCommerce » Settings » Products » Intentory.

eBay requires each listing to have a valid stock quantity set, so WP-Lister won’t work properly with products that are “in stock” in WooCommerce but have no actual stock quantity defined.

Note: To learn more about listing profiles see the listing profiles section in the documentation.

Congratulations! You’re done installing WP-Lister!

To get started an list your first product on eBay, please continue to Listing Items on eBay.