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1 vote

Bulk update option for variable products

Add option to bulk update WP Lister specific meta for variable products when working with variations. For example, "ebay price" or "MPN" fields could be updated in bulk as a single value like you can already with woocommerce meta such as stock or price.

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1 vote

Turkey Marketplace to Europe union

Could you add Turkey Marketplace to Europe union https://docs.developer.amazonservices.com/en_UK/dev_guide/DG_Endpoints.html Turkey TR https://mws-eu.amazonservices.com A33AVAJ2PDY3EV

Planned Category: WP-Lister for Amazon 0 comments
2 votes

Need WP Lister for Etsy

The currently plugins available are absolute rubbish owned by scam artists who provide little to no support. Please consider developing this plugin asap

Under Review Category: WP-Lister for eBay 1 comment
1 vote

Use custom field in wp lister ebay fields

In wp lister for amazon we can create less profile than ebay lister cause in a lot of fields we use variable. We want also in wp lister for ebay fields editable where we can put our custom field with custom value inside. For example: management time (ebay field) – –> [meta_wccaf_tempo_gestione_amazon] (our custom field […]

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3 votes

Publishing to ebay, merge multi value item in a single item

When you publish or verify a product to eBay, sometimes i get error if an item contain multiple values, but ebay need only 1 value. But the problem is that sometimes i need multiple value. For example, if a book is wrote by 2 authors, i need to have 2 value, 1 for each author, […]

Category: WP-Lister for eBay 0 comments