WP-Lister connects your WordPress powered e-commerce website with eBay. You can select any number of products right from your products page, select a listing profile and list them on eBay with just a few clicks.


After you uploaded and activated WP-Lister on your site, just click on “WP-Lister” and you will be taken through the first time setup procedure which includes these steps:

  1. connect WP-Lister with your eBay account
  2. update site specific eBay data like shipping options and categories
  3. create a listing template
  4. create your first profile

You’ll find more details and screenshots in our Installation Tutorial.

Creating a listing profile

Profiles in WP-Lister work as a general template of various configuration options which are applied when preparing listings.

Profiles can also be used to modify an item’s price and title: You can append and prepend and text to your title and you can increase or decrease your prices – by a fixed amount or by percentage.

The following settings are required when you create a new profile:

  • listing duration
  • dispatch time (handling time)
  • items location (city and country)
  • currency and tax
  • at least one shipping option including costs
  • at least one payment method
  • template

After you’ve created your first profile you can just duplicate it if you need more, since most of these settings will be the same for all your listings.

Listing items

To list your products on eBay all you have to do is:

  1. select any number of items on your Products page
  2. select “Prepare Listings” from bulk actions and click “Apply”
  3. choose a listing profile
  4. click “Verify all prepared items”
  5. click “Publish all verified items”

Once you have listed an item, it will have a “View on eBay” link beneath it which will open the item on eBay in a new tab.

For a quick demonstration watch our Introduction to listing items on eBay (Screencast).


We will publish more screencasts in the near future. This is what we’ve got so far: