Managing orders

If you have enabled the “Create orders” option in Amazon » Settings, new orders placed on Amazon will automatically be created in WooCommerce.

Visit WooCommerce » Orders to see your Amazon Orders which can be identified by

  • a small Amazon icon indicates an order placed on Amazon
  • a green check mark indicates an order that has been marked as shipped

Orders placed on Amazon

Click an order number to go to the order edit page, and you need to fill out the following sections:

  • Shipping Service – Your Courier Company (if your courier is not listed by Amazon, choose “Other” and give its name in “Service Provider”;
  • Tracking ID – Shipment Tracking number
  • Shipping Date – Leave it as it is or use current PST (American West Coast Time)
  • Shipping Time – Leave it as it is or use current PST (American West Coast Time)

After entering these details, click “Mark as shipped on Amazon” to submit the information to Amazon.

Marking an Amazon order as shipped

To make sure your submission was successful, we strongly suggest you to check the submission result on Amazon » Feeds as explained in the listing products section.