Changelog – Import from eBay


  • New: Support for importing and matching variations
  • Fixed: Use the wc_get_product_id_by_sku() when matching SKUs to import
  • Fixed: Convert quantity to INT to prevent `TypeError: Unsupported operand types` errors


  • Fixed: Issue where 404 errors during import could halt the import process
  • Fixed: Check for the value of $profile before using it


  • Fixed: Issue where created products could have a future publish date
  • Fixed: Fatal error when the item being imported are missing the SellingStatus.QuantitySold property


  • New: Import and store the Watch Count value into the _ebay_watch_count post meta
  • Tweak: Allow importing via CSV without running Step 2
  • Tweak: Check for the new OAuth token during initial requirements check
  • Fixed: Import CSV not working when there's no data available from Step 2
  • Fixed: Use cat_id when determining whether the category is the "Other" category
  • Fixed: Check for the value of $list to prevent possible fatal error
  • Dev: Added filter wple_record_per_product_shipping_costs
  • Dev: Compatible with WooCommerce 6.2


  • New: Store unit price data for WooCommerce Germanized
  • New: Import additional variation images for the Additional Variation Images Gallery plugin
  • Fixed: Issue where the import could break if WPLA was not installed
  • Dev: Added filter wplister_ebay_import_added_variation


  • New: Added option to skip non-matching items instead of adding them when matching existing SKUs
  • Tweak: Tooltip clarifies that variable products are supported only if parent and child SKUs match
  • Tweak: Merged user contriuted code to allow running the import process triggered via cron job
  • Fixed: Issue where imported variations could show up as out of stock in WooCommerce
  • Fixed: GMT post date was not generated correctly for imported products


  • New: Added the option of importing from CSV in Step 2 instead of pulling the listings from eBay
  • New: Added a setting to import MPN as variation attributes
  • Fixed: Cast categories map as array to prevent errors
  • Dev: Added filter wple_import_days_to_fetch


  • Fixed: Issue where variable products were showing as out of stock


  • New: Added support for FlatDomestic shipping type when storing per product shipping rates
  • Fixed: Variable products were getting imported as simple products
  • Fixed: Saving the cut in/out settings could fail in some cases


  • New: Added setting to disable the importing of the compatibility list
  • Fixed: Issue where stock levels were not set in WooCommerce
  • Fixed: Ensure that the image file extensions are all in lowercase
  • Fixed: Allowed Tags setting value not getting saved
  • Fixed: Product stock status not getting saved for variables
  • Dev: Added the filter wplister_shipping_domestic_countries so 3rd-party codes can have several domestic shipping countries
  • Dev: Marked mapProductToWoo() as deprecated


  • New: Added support for WooCommerce Germanized by storing MPN and GTIN data into their respective fields
  • Fixed: Update product lookup tables after importing listings
  • Fixed: Use wp_kses_post_deep instead of wc_clean to retain the HTML in some of the import settings
  • Dev: changed prefix for constants from WPLISTER_ to WPLE_PLUGIN_


  • Fixed: Possible fatal error when checking for updates


  • Added: Compare Listings tool to view missing listings in WP-Lister
  • Added: Check for failures when preparing / adding listings
  • Added: Store MPN variation attribute as postmeta
  • Tweak: Allow WordPress to automatically generate the slug to prevent term insertion errors
  • Tweak: Store additional variation images if the WooCommerce Additional Variation Images plugin is installed
  • Fixed: Issue where Force Update Check button was not working
  • Fixed: Possible issue where plugin update would show all the time, even though latest version is already installed
  • Fixed: Various PHP warnings and notices, including deprecated code warnings


  • Improved security against CSRF (cross site request forgery)


  • Fixed possible issue where some imported images were very small or blurry


  • Fixed visibility issue for out of stock items in WooCommerce 3.x
  • Use GetSellerList to pull all active listings (not only 25k)


  • Compatibly update for WP-Lister 2.0.33
  • Added setting to skip the first image in the gallery
  • Added the wplister_ebay_import_product_data filter hook
  • Fixed possible error code 17 when importing items


  • Added support for GetSellerList request to import all available listings (instead of either active, sold or unsold items)
  • Split up import items list into smaller lists to prevent memory and DB issues
  • Store the brand and MPN data when creating products in WooCommerce


  • Use the category map to assign categories to imported listings
  • Store the listing duration, global shipping and autopay data when creating products in WooCommerce
  • Store the subtitle as the post_excerpt
  • Added filter hooks wpl_importer_images_directory and wpl_importer_images_url to manage the uploads directory and URL
  • Fixed warning messages on WC3.x (Product properties should not be accessed directly)


  • added support for importing best offer settings from eBay
  • fixed "get_product function is deprecated" message on WooCommerce 3.x


  • import UPC and EAN if they're available
  • import the Lot Size as an attribute
  • add support for the GM weight unit from eBay
  • fixed bug in importing images when removing the quotes surrounding the image URL
  • fixed bug in reading the weight unit from eBay and added a function to automatically convert the weight to the store's native weight unit
  • download and store images with the same original file type instead of forcing them to be jpegs
  • check if iconv PHP module is installed and show warning if not, but allow to run import process without it
  • added a setting that stops WPLE from adding variation images to the parents image gallery
  • store the variations when importing from eBay


  • fixed importing product categories on WooCommerce 2.6


  • show warning if selected listing profile uses a duration other than GTC
  • show message when matching imported products buy SKU
  • ready for WordPress 4.6


  • fixed issue where imported variable products appeared broken when product attribute names contained special UTF-8 characters
  • fixed "Failed to assign product category" warning for accounts without eBay store
  • fixed stock status for imported variations
  • fixed SKU column in preview box


  • fixed error "Call to a member function check_stock_status() on a non-object" when updating prices and stock levels from eBay


  • fixed issue creating subfolders / importing images


  • improved error handling on downloading and saving images to disk
  • check actual file size written and show errors to user (if disk is full)
  • added cancel button for JobRunner progress window
  • fixed importing attributes longer than 29 characters
  • import images into subfolders by default

  • improved option to extract embedded images from listing description
  • requires WP-Lister for eBay or better

  • improved option to extract embedded images from listing description
  • improved error handling - show problems assigning products to categories

  • improved error handling - show problems creating product categories in progress window
  • fixed storing store categories map for default account during import

  • added option to disable setting a default variation for imported variable products
  • relabeled seller profiles to business policies


  • fixed importing weight for sites using metric system
  • show warning if stock management is disabled in WooCommerce


  • show selected listing status on import page
  • store item details object without eBay Description (reduce db size and prevent rare SQL issues)
  • fixed issue where imported listings would stay "prepared" (due to large item details - description or compatibility list)
  • fixed import on WP-Lister for eBay (updated eBay API version to 919)


  • added option to disable stock management for parent variations
  • fixed issue where emoji characters in listing title would break the import process
  • improved importing with 2 level subfolders


  • fixed import without assigning listing profile


  • fixed "Call to undefined method WooCommerce::attribute_taxonomy_name()" error on WooCommerce 2.3
  • increased HTTP timeout to 15 seconds (useful for fetching images on local dev site)


  • added advanced option to disable using product titles to generate image filenames
  • use the maximum of 60 days by default when requesting sold items
  • compare product images by MD5 hash to detect duplicate images on different URLs
  • fixed duplicate gallery images issue


  • fixed blank (but working) progress window on WP-Lister
  • show selected default account on import page
  • make sure the selected profile uses the selected eBay account


  • added support for importing ePID (Item.ProductListingDetails.ProductReferenceID)
  • make sure that imported products are always visible (to hide out of stock products use the WooCommerce setting option)
  • fixed rare issue with multibyte characters in listing title preventing import process from starting


  • fixed issue with duplicate images in media library
  • improved performance when importing variation images


  • fixed creating variations in WooCommerce 2.2
  • automatically fix broken br tags found in a GarageSale template


  • added option to enable "match existing SKUs" option (disabled by default to restore behavior from 1.4.2)
  • fixed fatal error on tools page when image folder does not exist


  • added option to select the number of rows on the advanced settings page
  • check for existing SKUs when importing products - and skip creating product and only create listing


  • added option to selected permission required to access import page
  • replace line breaks with spaces instead of removing them
  • skip items listed via WP-Lister from being imported when import mode is set to "only new items"


  • added option to disable item specifics / product attributes
  • added option to import no product description at all
  • changed required permission to manage_ebay_listings


  • added option to add custom content to the imported product description
  • fixed issue with special characters in variation attribute values
  • replaced all remaining mysql functions with calls to wpdb methods


  • added option to remove seller profiles / policies from imported products
  • do not count image files on tools page when subfolders are enabled


  • fixed error when updating items


  • fixed updating sold items
  • set default attribute for imported variations


  • improved file count performance on tools page
  • fixed 1px featured image on edit product page


  • prevent rare error when failed to create empty attribute


  • fixed importing item specifics
  • convert quotes as well as other html entities


  • fixed high res image download for stock photos
  • decode html entities and quotes in user input fields


  • added confirmation dialog before running a clean import to prevent accidentally removing imported products
  • added various API hooks
  • improved admin toolbar


  • added support for multiple shipping locations
  • improved support for Per Product Shipping extension


  • added button to mark unsold items as out of stock in WooCommerce
  • added option to disable site filter


  • added option to update unsold listing
  • skip items from foreign ebay sites during import
  • added tooltips


  • added backup and restore for advanced options
  • added option to extract additional images via regex
  • layout improvements for WP 3.8


  • improved performance when preparing products to be imported
  • improved error handling during import
  • warning about missing import profile is more important now (red)


  • added support for Per Product Shipping plugin (beta)


  • added support for item condition and condition description
  • added support for seller profiles (shipping, payment and return profiles)


  • fixed issue if item weight is less than 1 lbs


  • lock imported listings by default - WP-Lister required!


  • added support for free shipping for calculated shipping services
  • added support for ShipToLocations and ExcludeShipToLocation


  • update product stock status according to available stock quantity when updating active and sold items


  • import total sales - required for order by popularity feature


  • create category mappings only for leaf categories


  • import item compatibility list - WP-Lister Pro 1.3 recommended


  • added support for importing sale price / strikethrough price (STP / MAP)


  • fixed issue of not fetching high resolution images for some users
  • remove hard lines breaks when filtering listing description
  • extract images from HREF attributes (link destinations)
  • added safe mode warning message


  • added option to select between importing active, unsold or sold items


  • fixed issue with stock quantity for variations which have party been sold


  • added new safe mode option to import images one by one to prevent timeout issues
  • enabled high res images by default
  • optimization of get products and categories process
  • added batch size options 10 and 20 for slow servers


  • added warning regarding inventory sync if no listing profile is selected
  • added option to limit the maximum batch size from 200 to 100 or 50


  • import and store listing type and end date
  • update active and sold items using ajax to prevent timeout issues
  • performance optimizations - in memory cache for imported products


  • store shipping options for each product


  • store primary and secondary ebay category for each product
  • added option to use the ebay ItemID as SKU
  • added import link to admin bar


  • added server requirements check for php memory limit and maximum execution time

  • fixed variation SKU

  • added support for variation images
  • show links to product after importing a single item

  • fixed image import

  • fixed stock level update for sold items
  • only create galleries if there are multiple images

  • added support for WooCommerce 2.0 Product Gallery feature

  • new option to add only unique items to WP-Lister

  • added option to store imported images in subfolders
  • added option to rename imported images folder
  • show image folder file count on tools page
  • fixed out of stock status on update
  • minor improvements on settings page

  • update sold items (beta)

  • fix error on WP-Lister before


  • support for WP-Lister 1.2.2


  • remember and show date when active listing were last updated


  • new option to fetch high res images from EPS (beta)
  • cleaned up settings sidebar


  • various improvements on "only new" import mode


  • added support for item specifics with multiple values


  • improved handling of thousands of products on slow servers


  • new option to only add new products while keeping already imported ones
  • new feature to only update prices and stock levels for already imported products


  • new option to exclude item specifics / attributes
  • new option to control which item specifics should become attributes of type "text"
  • new option to import product description to post content or excerpt or both


  • import category sort order
  • fixed secondary product categories


  • new advanced options page
  • new tools page
  • fixed duplicate attribute issue on WooCommerce 2.0


  • fixed import of product weight and dimensions


  • added support for importing secondary store categories
  • added note about running on empty WooCommerce install


  • fixed imported quantity


  • option to extract images from item description
  • improved updater


  • various fixes and improvements


  • first publix release