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Setting up default 'Ship from' template to be used in Edit Order details

Currently a defult '— Ignore Ship From —' is being set in Edit Order details, which enforces manual selection of Ship from address template set up in Advanced Settings – even if there is only 1 address. Adding 'Set as default' option to Ship from address templates in Advanced Settings would allow to pre-select default […]

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2 votes

Importing of Amazon Categories with Listings

I would like to see the importing of Amazon categories with Amazon listings and have them added to Woocommerce categories and assigned to products. This is a pretty big thing to be missing from WP-Lister in my estimation. Please vote up this request. =D

Under Review Category: WP-Lister for Amazon 1 comment
3 votes

Handling Time for Amazon in Profiles

If one has many Amazon profiles it's time consuming to edit/change handling times for all products. Maybe add a General option for that or per product so it can be edited in a product bulk editor

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5 votes

Add filter to show only FBA / FBM orders on Orders page

Hi there, I think it is a must have to add a filter for FBA orders also and not mixing FBA with MERCHANT as sellers like me that send by FBA and MERCHANT, would like to filter the FBA products in order not to make a mistake and send once again the product even if […]

Planned Category: WP-Lister for Amazon 2 comments