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3 votes

Integration with YITH order tracking

When marking the item as shipped, it would be great if it can also get the tracking number from YITH Order Tracking plugin, which would save having to enter the tracking number twice. For both WP-Lister for eBay and WP-Lister for Amazon.

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7 votes

WooCommerce Product Bundles / Product Kits

Have the ability to create a listing which contains multiple items from the store to create and sell a kit. For example: Main Listing = Mobile Phone Kit 1st = Mobile Phone (which already exists in our listings on its own) 2nd Item = Mobile Phone Case (which already exists in our listings on its […]

Under Review Category: WP-Lister for eBay 5 comments
1 vote

Mark As Shipped - Trigger Buy Shipping | Seller Fullfilled Prime Metric

When adding Shipping Details in the WooCommerce Order and that Updates Amazon order with the Shipping, have that align and count for the seller as updated through the Merchant Fulfillment API (above mention in screenshot), to keep the seller performance metric in required levels. As per to maintain the Seller Fulfilled Prime Metrics so sellers […]

Under Review Category: WP-Lister for Amazon 3 comments
2 votes

Apply profile discounts to the shop, as well as eBay

One of the great features I use all the time, in WP-Lister, is the ability to apply discount expressions to my eBay listings, either for sales, or discounts we offer from RRP, using the profiles. So I could for example use -50% and this will give me 50% off the item (which also shows in […]

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4 votes

Amazon Buy Shipping Service API Integration

Notify the customer and mark a package as shipped if you use Amazon Buy Shipping method. Amazon no longer accepts USPS Tracking as proof of shipment unless you use signature confirmation. You are completely covered however if you use Amazon Shipping. Currently wplister does not integrate with Amazon Shipping so you have to manually process […]

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