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List products from WordPress on eBay

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Each installation of the plugin will require a valid licence key in order for you to receive updates and support.


List products from WordPress on eBay

WP-Lister Pro for eBay connects your WooCommerce shop with your eBay Store. You can select multiple products right from your products page, select a profile to apply a set of predefined options and list them all on eBay with just a few clicks.


  • list any number of items at once
  • set up a profile once and apply to any number of products
  • verify items and get listing fees before actually listing them
  • mark as sold / decrease quantity when sold on eBay
  • choose categories from eBay and your eBay Store
  • map your custom categories to eBay categories
  • national and international shipping options
  • supports calculated shipping services
  • support for product variations
  • unique feature to split variations into single items
  • supports local requirements like ReturnPolicy for ebay.de
  • create custom listing templates using WordPress post editor
  • built in template editor with HTML / CSS syntax highlighting
  • download / upload listing templates – makes life easy for 3rd party template developers


  • eBay account
  • WooCommerce 2.x
  • WordPress 3.6 or better
  • PHP 5.2 or better with cURL support
  • decent webspace hosted on a linux server
  • single language site – multilingual sites are not supported
  • single site installation – multisite networks (WPMU) are not supported

If you have any doubt whether WP-Lister Pro will work as expected on your site, please check out the free version before purchasing WP-Lister Pro.



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