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Add filter to show only FBA / FBM orders on Orders page

Hi there, I think it is a must have to add a filter for FBA orders also and not mixing FBA with MERCHANT as sellers like me that send by FBA and MERCHANT, would like to filter the FBA products in order not to make a mistake and send once again the product even if […]

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5 votes

Amazon Buy Shipping Service API Integration

Notify the customer and mark a package as shipped if you use Amazon Buy Shipping method. Amazon no longer accepts USPS Tracking as proof of shipment unless you use signature confirmation. You are completely covered however if you use Amazon Shipping. Currently wplister does not integrate with Amazon Shipping so you have to manually process […]

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3 votes

Extra filtering/sorting options on the Listings page

Currently on the listings page I can sort on Title, Price, Stock, Created, Status – sometimes I also want to sort on SKU Also, I can only filter listings shown by Profile or Account – sometimes I want to filter on other woocommerce attributes like if on Sale, Category or Product Type so I can […]

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