WP-Lister for Etsy

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WP-Lister for Etsy

Create a version of WP-Lister to support selling on Etsy
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  1. Olaf

    Yes, I want WP-Lister for Etsy!

  2. Nazeem Nauth

    Definitely. Walmart is limited to US only whereas an Etsy plugin appeals to a bigger (global) audience.

  3. Olaf

    I’m still looking for an Etsy plugin. The existing, sold by woocommerce, is not working and has worst support!

  4. Olaf

    I stopped selling on Ebay, their latest rules are no fun anymore…
    And I know others from Facebook groups also searching for an Etsy plugin!

  5. Lawrence

    Ebay sales have dropped a lot during this COVID bs, however, Etsy has grown stronger. We are manually copying listings to Etsy now, would get a plug in for Etsy and likely drop the ebay plug in.

  6. Selina Schaub

    Please please develop this app. Your other apps are just amazing and the only alternative app for etsy is absolute rubbish.

  7. Matt

    Thank you very much for you feedback.

    WP-Lister for Etsy is actually my personal top priority, but in order to get this fully functional in the near future, we will need to hire additional staff.

    I am going to add a “Jobs” page here on wplab.com this week, and also send a newsletter about our open job opportunities, but rest assured that we will do everything in our power to get the done as soon as possible.

    I love Etsy! Well, they are only a marketplace, so maybe I should rather say “I love the people who sell on Etsy.”, but even while Etsy might not be the niche thing it was years ago, they are much more developer friendly than Amazon, who simply put give me more headaches than the profits generated by WP-Lister for Amazon are worth!

    I am not going to discard WP-Lister for Amazon, just because a lot of out customer depend on it (not that they actually “like” selling on Amazon — they just have to be visible on that marketplace), but I would much rather put my personal and financial ressources into the development of WP-Lister for Etsy than wasting more time and money on Amazon.

    (Oh, did I actually post that publicly? My mistake… at some time I should write a real blog post where I tell you all about my love&hate relationship with Amazon… but I’m afraid if I am 100% honest, they would cut me off, which means my customers would be left in the rain… so I have to be careful what I post publicly.)

    Have a wonderful day, Selina, and I am very much looking forward to work together with all the great sellers who would rather sell their goods on Etsy than on Amazon.

    kind regards,

  8. Olaf

    Hi Matt, thats good news!
    I indeed just 3 weeks ago bought the CEDCommerce plugin again and got it running after a lot of trouble setting it up, but I’ll definitely switch back when your plugin is ready.

  9. Olaf

    Any idea when plugin for Etsy will available?
    CEDCommerce is really a mess, I had what felt like 100 emails with their support last month meanwhile, and it is still buggy!

  10. Kyle Nguyen

    Please make version for Etsy as soon as possible. I have used the version for eBay and Amazon, and I really love WPLab plugins and also support. I will definitely buy the Etsy plugin if you release it.

  11. le.matin

    My vote for this!

  12. Cheryl Dimof

    Yay! If you do an Etsy integration, I’m definitely in. I’m having issues with the CED Commerce plugin currently.

  13. Daniel

    I fee everyone having issues with the CEDcommerce ETSY plugin. I spend now months on trying to get it working as it should with their support staff. I even paid some extra cash just to have it working but still not really there.

    I’d be happy to help building the WP Etsy plugin by testing it for John and Mike. I could also help with Etsy experience in regards of the workflow from WC to Etsy.

    Thanks guys, looking really forward to it.

  14. Olaf

    Fingers crossed it will be finished soon! CED commerce ETSY plugin just messed up some orders, no idea how it can happen that the product I sold on Etsy is different to what submitted to my wooshop!?
    Will you send an email when finished to “old customer”? Or is there any subscribe form?

  15. Olaf

    6 weeks and my subscription CED commerce ETSY plugin expires! Any news for your plugin, a release date?

  16. derek1

    Are there any updates regarding a possible Etsy plugin from WPLister? I’ve inquired before and have seen this thread over the years, but I’ve never heard or seen any updates? We need a plugin for Etsy that functions as well as our eBay plugin for WPLister. As of now, that plugin doesn’t exist. We use CED Commerce because we kind of “have to.” But that plugin is constantly crashing and inconsistent.

  17. John

    Hi everyone.

    Thank you for your continued interest in a WP-Lister for Etsy solution.

    Unfortunately, we have tried reaching out to Etsy development department several times, and they are not responding to our requests for approval to develop a solution for their marketplace.

    At this time, unless they get back to us, there is no way we can develop a WP-Lister for Etsy.

    If we receive a response from Etsy, we will be sure to update all of you here in this thread.

    All the best,

  18. Daniel

    John and Matt

    Are there any news about the ETSY integration plans or how “we” could help to make this happen?

    Thank you for your great plugins and support always.


  19. John

    Hi Daniel.

    Thanks for checking in.

    We finally were approved for access and will hopefully start working on a WP-Lister for Etsy this year!


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