I recently made the switch from Coda to Sublime Text 2 which is an amazing code editor available on all major platforms.

Usually you don’t get this kind of tweets about an editor:

Sublime Text: The text editor you’ll fall in love with http://bit.ly/wRiTJq (@chierotti)

Today is one of the happiest days in my life as a developer.
I discovered sublime!! (@sssilver)

The community around Sublime Text 2 is growing rapidly with new plugins being published nearly every day. It shares a common reason for success with WordPress: You can extend Sublime Text 2 to become everything you want it to be.

It seems you can even tweet from within Sublime Text 2:

Haha, it’s funny, I’m tweeting from #sublimeText (@diestrin)

After I stumbled upon a blog post about a modified version of phptidy, which formats PHP code according to WordPress Coding Standards, I decided to write a plugin for Sublime Text 2 that would allow me to use wp-phptidy.php directly in the editor.

This plugin is now available on GitHub and can be installed via Package Control, just search for “PhpTidy”.

For more information visit PhpTidy on GitHub.