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To be able to Filter by Errors in order to solve them in the quickest possible way - Poder Filtrar por Errores para poder solucionarlos de la manera más rápida

I consider it essential to have a Filter to be able to discriminate by type of error. When you have thousands of products to register in AMZ or any other platform, it is essential to be able to identify the various errors that have been generated and work on each error without affecting the others […]

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Mark As Shipped - Trigger Buy Shipping | Seller Fullfilled Prime Metric

When adding Shipping Details in the WooCommerce Order and that Updates Amazon order with the Shipping, have that align and count for the seller as updated through the Merchant Fulfillment API (above mention in screenshot), to keep the seller performance metric in required levels. As per to maintain the Seller Fulfilled Prime Metrics so sellers […]

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