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Ability to Suppress Warnings By Warning ID#

We use an image compressor on our wordpress site to enable it to load faster, and have our JPEG compression set to 80, which is unnoticeable for our images. eBay seems to want a quality of 90, so when we submit our images it iffues between 6 and 12 warnings per item uploaded. It woul […]

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Allow wp-lister to sell multiple individual items on eBay

I'd like to see the ability to add 3x a woocommerce item as 1 eBay item. So the item on woocommerce would be "Shiny Thing" and the item on eBay would be "3 x Shiny Thing" and would set the price to 3 times the shop price (plus percentage) and keep the stock in sync […]

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12 votes

Accurate Ebay Fees in Woocommerce Orders

At the moment the Ebay final value fees shown in the Woocommerce order fees are lower than that shown in Ebay itself. To properly calculate profit per order in the accounting tools I've built for my own store I need the fees to be completely accurate. Ideally the Woocommerce order should list the Ebay final […]

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Location-based Inventory (multi-location product)

You can use multiple shipping locations for the products listed. If you have the same product in different warehouses this feature will let you set up the shipping locations and inventory levels for the listings, so eBay will show the buyer shorter and more accurate delivery estimates, based on their zip code.

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Ability to search through profiles (or preferably, group profiles)

Please could you add a search box for the profiles? We have over 4-5 ebay accounts, and each account needs its own profile because each shop category is different. It's a real headache! Or at least if we could group profiles by type, and just select the parent group and it would auto-select all the […]

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Disable Attributes per ebay account

Currently there is the feature where you can disable Attributes and variation under global settings which stops unwanted attributes to get listed on the eBay listings. The issue is, this feature doesn't allow the flexibility to choose particular attributes for perticular eBay account if you are using more than one eBay account on your woocommerce […]

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