Importing of Amazon Categories with Listings

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Importing of Amazon Categories with Listings

I would like to see the importing of Amazon categories with Amazon listings and have them added to Woocommerce categories and assigned to products. This is a pretty big thing to be missing from WP-Lister in my estimation. Please vote up this request. =D
Under Review Category: WP-Lister for Amazon Gina Pastega shared this idea

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  1. Matt

    I would like to see categories imported, too, Gina. But there are multiple problems with this, for once Amazon doesn’t exactly deliver consistent data about categories, one product can be linked to multiple categories, and the biggest problem:

    There are simply too many categories and subcategories on Amazon (and eBay for that matter), so if WP-Lister would actually import the categories as they are, you’d end up with subcategories within subcategories, nested 5 or 6 levels deep, sometimes more.

    If WP-Lister would create that kind of category tree every time you run an import, we would certainly get a lot of support requests titled “WP-Lister messed up my well organised categories in WooCommerce”, so this feature would not only need an “undo” functionality (which is not as simple to implement as it sounds) and some advanced merging options and ideally an UI where you could link existing categories on both sides before running the actual import.

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