Version 1.3.1 of WP-Lister Pro has been released today and should show up in your WordPress dashboard soon. This release features some important updates to the inventory sync process that you should know about.

Locked Listings

WP-Lister 1.3 introduces the concept of locked listings which can be very useful if your products have been imported from eBay – or if you just want to keep the inventory synced but nothing else.

When a locked listing is revised, WP-Lister will only revise the inventory status / stock level on eBay, but leave other details untouched. This will happen by default each time you update a locked product in WooCommerce – it’s very fast so you probably won’t notice the delay – and you won’t have to revise all changed items after updating locked products.

Transactions vs Orders

In the past, WP-Lister fetched information about new sales on eBay by requesting the latest transactions – which was the only available way to do so when development on WP-Lister started – and it could not combine multiple transactions into a single order in WooCommerce.

The new version though fetches the latest orders from eBay and will create combined orders in WooCommerce – all you need to do is to switch the update mode from Transaction to Order in general settings. This will replace the old Transactions page with a new Orders page, but you will still be able to access the old transactions via a link on that page.

Other new features

There have been countless fixes and improvements since version 1.2.8:

  • new permission management
  • create eBay customers as WordPress users
  • customize WP-Lister main menu label
  • archive listings instead of deleting them
  • search box and status views on orders page
  • auto complete eBay sales when order is completed option
  • disable email notifications when orders are created by WP-Lister
  • support for shipping cost paid by option in return policy
  • support for cash on delivery fee
  • lots of bugs fixed
  • new action hooks for 3rd party developers
  • tested with WordPress 3.7 and MP6

See the changelog for the full list of changes – and please report any bugs to [email protected].

The free version on will be updated next week.