WooCommerce Offline Credit Card Processing

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Process credit card payments offline using your payment terminal.

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Process credit card payments offline using your payment terminal.

This payment gateway for WooCommerce allows your customers to enter their credit card information on your site and let you process the data manually (offline) using your payment terminal. To make this process secure, only the first and the last four digits are saved to the database while the eight middle digits are sent to a dedicated email address so that the complete credit card number is never stored on a single computer.


  • automatic card type detection
  • validate card number checksum
  • validate card expiry date
  • works with all 16 digit credit and debit cards
  • select from built in card logos or provide your own
  • never stores complete card number on a single machine
  • customise subject and content of generated email
  • ensures you didn’t forget enabling SSL
  • compatible with WooCommerce 3.x


  • SSL certificate
  • Credit card processing terminal

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21 reviews for WooCommerce Offline Credit Card Processing

  1. watchesetc (verified owner)

    I was really happy to find an offline processing plug-in for my woo-commerce site that was able to utilize our SSL certificate.

    Once I installed the plug-in I realized I needed to modify the icons for the credit cards that we accept. I contacted support and received a response within minutes with the newly updated plug-in that allowed me to select the appropriate icons.

    Great product and really great, super fast customer service!

  2. Andrew Just (verified owner)

    I recently purchased this plugin for an online store, and I must say I was very impressed with it. The installation process was flawless, much like the plugin. Woo Commerce Offline Credit Card Processing is a very reasonable price, and is well worth the money!

    I was most impressed with the level of customer support. I had a question, which was answered almost immediatly.

    Thanks very much!


  3. Phil Davies (verified owner)

    Was in the process of completing an online store for one of my clients and when I asked them which gateway they would like to use they replied “Not doing that, got a terminal at my shop”. This plugin is excellent and the PCI compliant method works very well. Would recommend this plugin very highly. Just wished I’d purchased the 25 licences rather than the one!

  4. JR (verified owner)

    I was looking for a plugin like this one for months. My business needed a way to accept credit card since i couldn’t have a Gateway to proceed order online. I sincerely recommande that plugin not only because it is very complete but also because the after-sale service is incredible, i had a little issue with the implementation of the plugin on my web site and WPlab did solve it really quickly.

    Thx a lot Matt !

    Cheer !

  5. Russell (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin and the Support team is top-notch. The support alone is worth more than the cost of the software!

  6. Molly (verified owner)

    This is a great little plugin for merchants who already accept credit cards in brick-and-mortar shops and who do not receive most of their orders online. It is very easy to configure. If the customer makes a mistake entering his credit card number at checkout, the error messages are human-readable and explain to the customer exactly what went wrong.

    The most valuable thing, though, is the excellent customer support. I’m really impressed.

  7. Paul Douglas

    Customer support for this plugin has been phenomenal. John Matter has a knack for writing just the right words to solve problems without sounding condescending or harsh.

    The WooCommerce Offline Credit Card Processing Plugin itself does exactly what it claims to do and is feature rich. I am integrating a couple of different features with another plugin and I am very pleased with the code and standard of coding used. The plugins includes also have excellent coding and work well to perform at a high level of accuracy.

    The price for this plugin is very reasonable and should be in every WordPress Developer’s Toolbox of plugins.

    Thanks WPLab!

  8. Vic

    Fills a hole in WooCommerce for clients who need to add shipping after the fact, or would rather not use another payment gateway. Appearance to customer is seamless with WooCommerce.

  9. Debi Heilman (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this plugin for over 2 years for a few clients that needed to process payments offline and it works like a charm! When WordPress updated this last time and the plugin needed updated, I contacted live tech support via chat online and they were incredible. Fixed everything for me! Thank you so much WP Labs!

  10. JP (verified owner)

    Love this plug in, it works great out of the box. I needed a little tweeking to get it the way I wanted on my site. Customer support was prompt, courteous and helpfull.
    Thanks guys.

  11. Zachary (verified owner)

    I’ve used this on a couple of sites now. It’s very easy to set up and get working, and the one time I had a question the support response was very quick and helpful.

  12. Max (verified owner)

    Very happy with this plugin after six months of use. It was exactly what I needed for my online store. It was easy to setup and the price is negligible for what it allows you to do. I’ve only ever had one question for support (compatibility with newest versions of WP and WC) and I got a very prompt, helpful response. Thank you, WPLab

  13. John (verified owner)

    Very Happy with WooCommerce Offline Credit Card Processing!

    The install was a snap it and works great.

    Be aware that it’ll take some time to get the SSL security stuff right so that you can actually accept real credit cards. But that part will have more to do with your web host than with the plugin.

    The tech assistance (via chat) was right there when I got stuck and needed to tweek one setting I couldn’t find. Their answers were concise, easy to understand, quick to implement.

    All in all, 5 Stars, I recommend this company highly, keep up the excellent work!

  14. Clark (verified owner)

    Excellent plug-in and excellent customer service!! This Offline credit card processing plug-in works really well. Hardly had any problem setting it up and works great right out of box. Highly recommend this plug-in.

  15. Matthew (verified owner)

    Excellent product, does exactly what it is supposed to. I had another plugin that was fouling up the checkout process a bit and when I emailed them about the issue I expected to get a response in 24 hours or so and I expected it to take a few emails to get the issue resolved BUT THEY GOT BACK TO ME WITHIN THE HOUR and were very thorough in their response. So much so that I hopped in and had my site ready to process just 90 minutes after I discovered the issue. Not only that but I decided to upgrade to the 5 license deal and they sent me a coupon code so all I had to do was pay the difference. They weren’t obligated to do that nor was I honestly expecting them to. GREAT PRODUCT, OUTSTANDING SERVICE. Thanks guys!!

  16. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    Perfect product for my business and very at-tentative and professional staff. They were extremely patient with working out the bugs that I had. There is really nothing they can do wrong with such a good product and awesome customer service.

  17. Mark (verified owner)

    The WPlab Offline Credit Card Processing program solved several problems for my business and has increased our conversion rates. We had a particular requirement to accept a credit card payments and check inventories from our dropship suppliers before processing the card through our merchant service. Problem solved.

    However, the best feature has been the support team who on two occasions has listened to my needs and promptly fixed an issue I was having. They are a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend both the company and their incredible team!

  18. Vic M. (verified owner)

    Great customer support!

  19. Angela (verified owner)

    Very happy with this plugin. A great nice alternative to linking our cart to a different merchant and we can just use our terminal at the business. Support is also great, quick responses and instructions regarding a question I had. Can’t beat the price either. Love it.

  20. jaimepun (verified owner)

    Extremely useful, very well executed! Customer support is truly outstanding!

  21. Craig (verified owner)

    Excellent plugin, worked flawlessly. Great support too, highly recommended!

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