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More plugins for Sublime Text 2

After we started digging into what’s possible with Sublime Text 2, we we published two other plugins:

Search WordPress Codex

Based on the helpful Search Stack Overflow plugin, this enables you to search the WordPress Codex quickly from within Sublime Text 2.

You can search by selection or by manual input and you can decide to actually search the codex or directly open the Function Reference page for the selected function.

You can even right click on a WordPress function, select “WordPress Function Reference” from the context menu and the documentation for this function opens right in your browser. That’s only two clicks!

Install via Package Control – search for “WordPress Codex” – or read more on GitHub.


As a follow up to the previously released PhpTidy, we wrote a companion plugin to tidy up the HTML code that PhpTidy won’t.

You can even fine tune its behavior with your own HtmlTidy.sublime-settings file.

Install via Package Control – search for “HtmlTidy” – or read more on GitHub.