WP-Lister for eBay – Feature Comparison

What are the differences between WP-Lister Pro for eBay and the free version?

In a nutshell: When you start making money on eBay, you’ll probably want to purchase WP-Lister Pro since it will save you so much time with features like inventory sync, order creation and category mapping.

Choose your version

  • List items on eBay
  • Easy bulk listing using profiles
  • Custom listing templates
  • Verify, revise and end listings
  • Item specificsWP-Lister Pro fully supports required and recommended item specifics and lets you map local attributes to the required item specific easily.

    Update: As of version WP-Lister Lite supports item specifics as well to make it easier to comply with eBay's new requirements.
  • Synchronize SalesReduce product stock on your site when an item is sold on eBay and reduce quantity on eBay when item was purchased on your site.
  • Create orders in WooCommerceCreate an order in WooCommerce when an item is sold on eBay
  • Split variationseBay does not allow product variations in many categories. This feature comes to the rescue and allows to split variations into single items which can be listed in any category.
  • Upload product images to eBayTo use additional product images in the Gallery or Gallery Plus feature, eBay requires all images to be uploaded to their servers first.
  • Advanced eBay optionsEnable Best Offer with auto accept and minimum price options, require immediate payment through PayPal, and much more.
  • Import products from eBayMigrate your current eBay listings to WooCommerce before starting to use WP-Lister. (requires importer add-on)
  • Priority support and updatesGet priority support and access to the latest beta versions.

WP-Lister Lite for eBay

  • unlimited

WP-Lister Pro for eBay

$2991 year
$2991 year
  • unlimited

All versions are fully compatible to ensure a seamless upgrade from free to Pro. Just remove the free version and install WP-Lister Pro for eBay and you’re ready to take advantage of all premium features.

Updates will be delivered through the WordPress updater.

Our shop is available only to business customers. All prices are net. Licenses are valid for one year and have to be renewed annually in order to receive updates and support.