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List your products with item specifics recommended by eBay

Hi everyone,

We’ve just added an exciting new feature to WP-Lister Pro: Custom Item Specifics

What are item specifics?

Item specifics are custom product attributes like Brand or Size. While including item specifics in your listings is optional for most categories, eBay requires them for some categories like Clothing & Accessoires.

So if you want to list T-Shirts for women on eBay, you would select this category…

… and you will be presented with all required and recommended attributes:

If all your items share the same brand and style, you can enter these right here in the profile.

For some item specifics eBay only allows to choose from a list of provided values – like “Size Type”. For other item specifics you are free to enter your own values, but you will see some recommended values while typing.

If you want to use a custom attribute as a source for an item specific value, you can select any already defined attribute in the third column. WP-Lister will pull the value from there when listing your products.

On WP e-Commerce you will have to use the “Custom Meta” feature, on WooCommerce you just set up “Attributes” with a single value like this:

I hope you like the new feature. More will come soon.

If you have any questions, just write a comment or an email.


2 thoughts on “List your products with item specifics recommended by eBay

  1. This is good, item specifics is very important and should be a essential feature of the WP-lister pro. I wish it has the ability to apply to each individual items at the time of listing rather than at the stage of profile setting. I have thousands of unique items each one has a different set of item specific values, so creating a profile for each item is not practical. Please take this into consideration. Thank you!

    1. Hi Frank,

      to have individual item specifics on for each product, just create them as WooCommerce product attributes. WP-Lister will use all product attributes a product has and send them as item specifics to eBay.

      Basically, product attributes and item specifics are just different labels for the same thing.

      kind regards,


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