WPeC Allow Decimal Colon

[threecol_two]The Problem

You are a site administrator who runs an e-commerce site for a client using WordPress and the WP e-Commerce plugin – in a country where a decimal colon is used instead of a decimal point. Like Germany and many others.

So you changed the settings in WP e-Commerce and your site displays 49,95 € – but that’s only the part about displaying the price. When managing products you still have to use the decimal point – or you accidentally set the price to 49.950,00 Euro!

To make things worse, the keyboards in your country have a colon instead of a decimal point on their number pad and you have this client who wants to enter prices just like he is used to.

The Solution

We developed a small plugin that allows you to enter prices with a colon as decimal separator.

Just download WPEC Decimal Colon Fix, install and activate it and you will be able to use the colon just like the decimal point whenever you edit product prices and special prices.

In the future we will update this plugin to enable a decimal colon in more fields like shipping fees.


WPeC Allow Decimal Colon

Version: 1.0
Date: March 17, 2012
Author: Matthias Krok
Tested on: WPeC 3.8+

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