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This plugin will improve the build in theme and plugin editor in WordPress with typical code editor features like syntax highlighting. It is very lightweight, since it will simply replace the default textarea with an instance of ACE.


  • syntax highlighting with themes
  • code folding
  • line numbering
  • highlight matching parentheses
  • auto indentation and outdent

Use cases

Sometimes, you need to make some small adjustments on a theme or fix some bug in a plugin – but either you don’t have ftp acces or maybe you are on the road and don’t have access to your code editor. Then Ace Editor will come in handy and help you doing your work – with less chances of typos thanks to syntax highlighting and some basic syntax checking.

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Theme Editor

Plugin Editor

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Where can I learn more about Ace?
Ace is a open source code editor written in JavaScript. You can learn more on or on its github page.

Are there any known issues?
If you try to edit the Ace Edit plugin itself (with the plugin active), Google Chrome will fall back to the default textarea after saving the plugin. This is due to Chrome’s security features which refuse to run any JavaScript that was just part of a POST request sent to the current page.

What about planned features?
While we try to keep Ace Editor as lightweight as possible, we will introduce a settings page in near future to let users choose one of the included themes for syntax highlighting and set options like word wrap, hidden characters and more.

At a later time, we might implement a way to use Ace Edit when editing posts and pages in HTML mode.

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  • enabled syntax highlighting for JavaScript files
  • updated ace.js to latest version


  •   initial release



Ace Edit

Version: 1.1
Date: February 7, 2017
Author: Matthias Krok
Tested on: WP 4.7.2+

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