Capture ebay final value fees per an order

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Capture ebay final value fees per an order

The capability to obtain the ebay final value fee of an order and insert it into a specified field. This also incudes the external fee which is usually from paypal.

It is given in the GetOrders request ( and

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  1. Richard Teachout

    This would be extremely helpful to be able to track total revenue and cost in woocommerce. Right now, we have to manually take the invoice we receive from ebay, go through hundreds and hundreds of orders, and enter those fees to a formatted excel sheet, then do an import (clunky) to get the costs into woo.
    Also, having these costs would drastically make it easier to compare woo to ebay for sales validations (their sales reports remove fees from total sales), and to use the totals in woo to do bank rec’s (as they take the fees per order, not in a lump sum at the end), so it is grueling to match sales to deposits.

  2. Brian Greul

    Ebay has a very nice report under Payments > Reports.

    You can set the date range and generate the report. Then download the CSV and open in Excel.

    It was very tedious to add up the fees for orders each day and enter them into quickbooks.

    Now I just add the formulas to summarize the fees. When there is a return or cancellation I have to move that data to a different column, but otherwise it’s much much faster.

    Would be nice if WP-Lister could download and process this information, but then it would create a reporting problem in Woocommerce….. you’d have to select the orders to generate the report.

    My guess is that some merchants generate one invoice per order in their accounting system, and others, like me, generate a bulk invoice in my accounting system. I sell lots of the same thing and don’t need the details of who bought it in Quickbooks. I just need to record the revenue and fees.

    One of the aggravations is that ebay fees vary per order.

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