Amazon Pricing optimizing (maybe a third option)

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Amazon Pricing optimizing (maybe a third option)

There are 2 Option, the amazon pricer is working. – Buybox Pricing ("hold" the buybox price, even by lower prices and uses buybox price as benchmark) – Buybox and Lowest Offer (do NOT hold the buybox price, even by lower prices, BUT uses the LOWEST price as benchmakr) We have the request, to "combine" this two options. – If you have the Buy box, everyting is cool – plugin should do "nothing" (like it is in the buybox pricing method) – If you have not the buy box, the pricer should take the "lowest offer" as benchmark (not the buy box price!!) like it is the lowest offer mehtod. I know, the "Buybox and lowest offer option" is taking the "lowest offer" as benchmark BUT with this option, the pricer is also sending new (=lower) prices to amazon – although you have the buybox!!! in this situation the pricer should do "nothing" like in the "Buybox pricing method." Regards
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  1. Russell

    Agreed, I have never checked but I guess if there is a lower offer your Buy Box item will be reduced, when there is no need.

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